Vivo Working on a Phone With Color-Changing Back Panel


INTRO: Vivo is reportedly performing on a cool new phone which will change the color of its rear casing at the press of a button. The company on Thursday posted a teaser video of the phone on Weibo, confirming that it’s using electrochromic glass to make the color-changing trick. The 48-second video also shows what seems like an oblong camera housing at the rear, but the particular module is taped off and hidden from public view.

According to a translation of the first Weibo post, Vivo claims that the feature won’t affect the phone’s battery efficiency to any significant degree. The company didn’t release any longer information about either the technology or the merchandise itself, but from what we all know about the technology, electrochromic glass uses changes in voltage to alter its color.

UPDATE: Vivo Is Behind This] This Smartphone Can Change The Color Of Its  Backplate: Video

However, within the case of Vivo’s new smartphone, it’s not immediately clear on whether the changes are going to be restricted to only two colors if users will have more options. Either way, there’s no more information on the device as of now, but we hope to get more details soon.

Electrochromic glass, just in case you’re wondering, can either change color or go from clear to opaque using ‘electrochromism’ – a technology that will change the color and opacity of materials by passing electric voltage across them. One of the foremost notable smartphones that use the technology is that the OnePlus Concept One smartphone from Vivo’s sister brand, OnePlus. Unveiled at the CES 2020 tech show earlier this year, the device comes with a so-called ‘invisible camera’ that uses electrochromic glass to cover the camera housing when the camera is not in use.

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