Vivo X50’s “Gimbal-Stabilised” Camera Looks Pretty Cool


Since early 2008, Vivo is teasing the the Apex smartphone. In the year 2008, it was just a concept back then. After a wait of a long year, Vivo has unveiled the Vivo Apex 2020 in late-February of this year with an insane gimbal stabilizing camera system. Now, a new teaser video from Vivo shows that its upcoming flagship, the Vivo X50 will also feature the same camera system as the Vivo Apex.


The Chinese smartphone manufacturer recently shares a video of their recent launch on its Weibo account that shows the new Vivo X50’s gimbal stabilizing camera in action. This does nothing but suggests that the device will highlight camera stabilization above all.

Earlier in May, the company releases an official teaser of the X50 along with the announcement that they will launch the device in the month of June. As we are getting closer to launch day, a new video showcasing the Fully-functioning gimbal camera is surfacing. The official video shows that the giant gimbal is controlling the 48MP camera. Vivo X50’s Gimbal-Stabilised can track objects and deliver super-smooth videos.



Apart from the gimbal-camera, the smartphone is rumoured to feature a unique periscope lens with movable lens elements. This enables the 5-7 times optical zoom, unlike Samsung S20 Ultra’s periscope lens. The Samsung lens only uses a long prime lens and depends on software to handle zooming capabilities.

However, keeping the other cameras aside, the gimbal-camera could really be a game-changer in the video department as we all know that gimbals can stabilize the shakiest video and make it ultra-smooth. So we really just have to wait till June 1st for the company to unveil the device. Only after taking a closer look, we can tell if this tech is worth the wait or not. The video showcases.

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