Vodafone Maintains Connectivity Through MIMO Sites


The coronavirus outbreak has made us locked inside our house. The usage of smartphones has increased massively. On Thursday, Vodafone Idea has announced that it has deployed over 12,000 MIMO sites across India to get an uninterrupted service during the lockdown. Vodafone Idea Maintains Connectivity MIMO.

What COAI Had To Say:

According to COAI (Cellular Operation Authority of India), the usage of data has increased since the lockdown. Airtel, Vodafone, Jio all the major telecom companies have seen a huge usage of data. COAI has requested users to use data responsibly. COAI has requested video streaming websites, including YouTube to let users stream in normal video quality(480p).

Vodafone Idea Maintains Connectivity MIMO:

Vodafone Idea said that deployment of 12,000 MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output). This has resulted in enhanced speed compared to other major telecom companies.

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More MIMO Sites:

Vodafone Idea said that it has deployed over 1500 MIMO sites in the Mumbai circle. MIMO sites can carry 8.5 times more traffic than normal FDD (Frequency Division Duplex). They also said a TDD (Time Division Duplex) channel carries 3.5 times more than normal channels. Thus company can ensure better speed to the users.

MIMO Region:

The officials of Vodafone Idea said MIMO sites are deployed massively in Mumbai Circles. With over 1500 MIMO sites Mumbai stands first in the list.

Vora said,” In Mumbai alone, we have seen a 30% surge in the payload in this ma-MIMO in March ’20 compared to the previous month, providing better customer experience even as the demand rises,”.

Virtual War Room:

The company has also said that they have set up a Virtual War Room to monitor network operation in such a situation. The officials also said the employees are working through video conferences and the seniors are in touch with them all the time to monitor the situation.

Vodafone Idea Maintains Connectivity MIMO

“A comprehensive pandemic response plan with requisite risk mitigation protocols has been activated while ensuring continuity of mission-critical processes for keeping networks working as telecom is an essential service,” Vodafone Idea said in a release.

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