Vodafone Idea Network Now Distributed In 10 Clusters

Vodafone Idea Network

Vodafone Idea Network is working in clusters. The telco giant has created 10 clusters to provide better operational and management efficiency. The cluster method adopted by Vodafone Idea will rationalize the cost and improve EBITDA.

Vodafone Idea Network

Also, the customer market share maximization (CMS) will improve, and Vodafone Idea will have a strong grip on the telecom market. As per Vodafone Idea’s internal communication, 10 clusters are there. These clusters are for business operations. Mumbai is a separate cluster. The Mumbai cluster will be looking after by  Rajendra Chourasia whereas Maharashtra and Goa circle will be looking after by Puneet Krishnan. Gujarat is also a separate cluster that is lead by Monisha Ghosh. Similarly, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh are bundled together and will be looking after by Kavita Nadkarni. Kerala and Tamil Nadu is batch together is being look after by Murali S. Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have been tie together, and it will be headed by Arvind Nevatia.

Vodafone Idea Network

Vodafone Idea’s cluster business heads will be based at the cluster head-quarters, and they will directly report to respective operational directors. Cluster Method approach will help the telecom giant to mainly focus on revenue generation, revenue market growth (RMS), experience excellence across touchpoints (NPS) and increase channel productivity. Also, Cluster heads which have been assigned by the telco giant will coordinate with other functions to ensure experience delivery and talent optimisations. It is also expected that the cluster-based approach will streamline the organisational structure and may lead to employee reduction in some clusters.

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