What Is VulkanRT Libraries? Should You Remove It?

VulkanRT Libraries

Let’s talk about what VulkanRT is (Vulkan Runtime Libraries) and whether is a good idea to uninstall it from your computer or not. Some websites claim that this is a virus, but VulkanRT actually is a legitimate program, so let’s see more details below.

There is a high chance that while strolling through your PC you come across an application program folder naming VulkanRT (Vulkan Run-Time Libraries).

No need to worry as it is not a spam, malware or virus that may affect your computer. It is usually found in Windows computers install under the Program Files (in the folder path shown on the picture above).

Many people worry about this software and ask if its a good idea to remove it or not. There are some false claims on the Internet that VulkanRT is a malware program with its purpose to hijack your browser. This is not true at all.

I don’t know if there are any malicious hijack programs that come bundled with other software packages and “impersonate” the legitimate VulkanRT name. One thing is sure: The original software is not harmful at all.

What is VulkanRT?

VulkanRT (Run Time libraries) is generally installed by the video card manufacturers. It is a 3D graphics API developed by the Khronos group.

Software and company details of VulkanRT Libraries:

VulkanRT is a cross-platform (capable of operating in different OS software like Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc), 3D graphics, and computational API.

This software belongs to the Khronos group, an American non-profit consortium, which produces royalty-free application programming interfaces (API). The software itself is used for high performance, 3D real-time applications such as video games and other interactive media.

Provides greater performance and more balanced GPU and CPU usage when compared with similar applications such as Direct3D 11, Metal, and Direct 3D 12. It can also be used for parallel tasking and rendering 2D applications. It also allows the distribution of work effectively between different cores. In essence, its the next-generation version of OpenGL.

Purpose and use of VulkanRT Libraries:

The main objective of this API is to provide greater control to the CPU (Central Processing Unit) over the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) usage.

The function is comparable with other applications such as Mantle and Direct3D. It simply helps to render graphics in a simpler fashion and allows efficient multi-threading in the CPU. This software only comes with a graphics driver for your dedicated GPU.

There are online websites available that can detect the dedicated GPU present in your computer and select the required driver for your device.

VulkanRT Libraries

This allows you to install drivers as and when required, preventing mistakes of installing the wrong driver. This is one way of restoring the VulkanRT in your device (in case you have removed the program), but most of these sites ask for money for their operation, hence it is advised not to uninstall this default application.

Features of VulkanRT:

  • Mainly used for operation in the high-end graphics card and even on mobile devices. Improves overall performance functioning of video games and other graphics-oriented applications.

  • Can be operate on multiple OS platforms. Unlike applications such as Direct3D 12, the Vulkan API is not limited to a particular operating system.

  • Reduces workload of the central processing unit and further reduces driver overhead. This is achieved by the use of batching, which allows the CPU cores available to work more than ordinarily possible.

  • Provides scaling in multi-core processor than single core processors. Applications such as direct 3D 11 and OpenGL 4 have a major disadvantage as they can operate only on single core processors.

  • Provides faster and better operation due to better graphics processing unit optimization and code generation. It provides easier maintenance and more compact driver packages, thereby reducing space required.

  • Allows management of computing kernels and graphical shaders, which saves the need for separate API to be use apart from the graphics API.

VulkanRT is primarily used as a part of AMD drivers as they are acknowledged to provide better and faster performance. It is attributed to providing better image quality in Windows and Linux. Has great capabilities when a parameter such as OS compatibility, rendering features, and hardware efficiency is taken into consideration.

Should you Remove VulkanRT Libraries?

The short answer is NO. Unlike what some websites claim on the Internet that VulkanRT is supposedly a virus, this is not true at all.

This software comes bundled with AMD or NVIDIA graphics card drivers and also some games require it to play properly. So by installing the game sometimes it installs also these Runtime Libraries to function efficiently.

VulkanRT Libraries

Is VulkanRT a Virus?

The answer is NO, this is not a virus. Vulkan RT is almost always installed by default on Windows Computers and is a legal and safe program so just don’t remove it please.

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