Top 3 Ways to Track Mobile Location

track mobile location

Looking for your lost mobile phone? Want to track mobile location? Worried about your child and want to know his/her location? Yes! Then this article is going to be very helpful to you. Today, in this article we have listed top 3 best methods to track location of your phone very easily. You don’t need to study any rocket science or follow and execute confusing guides because you can recover your lost phone cry easily by following below featured guide.

In today’s time, most of the people lost their smartphones, and they all try to find out the location of their phone. Even, if you are a parent and want to keep an eye on your kid anytime and anywhere then this article will also go to be very helpful to you. Just make sure to give this article a compound reading to not miss any important information and updates.

3 Best Methods to Track Mobile Location of 2019

Method #1: Track Mobile Location Using FamiSafe

The first and the best method to track the mobile location is by using FamiSafe app. This application is available for both Android and iOS devices like iPhone, iOS and iPod. Basically, FamiSafe is a parental control app that let you monitor your kid’s phone usage from your comfort zone anytime and anywhere. This is the best parental app that let you limit the screen time limits, get location of your child anytime, block unusual apps very easily. You can follow below steps to download, install and use FamiSafe app:-

1. Download FamiSafe app.

2. Now, download and install this FamiSafe app on your phone on both parent and kid’s phone.

track mobile location

3. Once done, open it.

4. Now, create a FamiSafe account on your parent’s phone.

5. Next, sign in with your same FamiSafe account on your kid’s phone.

6. Now, put the identity on your child’s phone as kid.


7. Next, allow or give all the permissions that pop-ups on your phone’s screen.

8. Here, after all the installation successfully done, you can use this app.


9. Now, you can control everything of your child’s phone right from your own Phone.

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Method #2: Track Mobile Location Using Mobile Location Tracker App

Here, we have a mobile location tracker app called Spyzie. This app is very user-friendly app that offers a well-established clean and decent interface. Using this app called Spyzie, you can easily track the location of a phone on your fingertips. The thing you will require is a good working internet connection. Now, follow below steps to track the location of a phone using Spyzie app:-

1. First of all, download and install Spyzie app on your smartphone from Google Play Store or App Store.

2. Once the installation is complete, create a new account on Spyzie app.


3. You have to follow the installation instructions.

4. Next, cross-check the login credentials provided to you via. E-Mail.


5. In order to enter your required personal information, you have to use this information.

6. Once the installation set-up is complete, you can use this app to track the location.

7. Using GPS, you can easily access your online control panel to track the location of your phone.


8. Next, you will be able to see the lost phone’s location or targeted phone’s location.

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Method #3: Track Mobile Phone’s Location Online

The last best method to track a phone location is by using Phone’s inbuilt features. Both Android and iOS devices come with inbuilt feature that let the users find the location of their smartphone. This is a technology World, and we all are holding smartphones. Thus, it is obvious that our Android and iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod comes with inbuilt location tracking feature. If you are not aware about the feature then right now, you will be get Knowledge on it. Below, we have featured the guide to access location tracking feature on your android and iOS device.

> Location Tracking on Android Device

Google’s Android operating system comes with location tracking service called Find My Device or Android Device Manager. To access this service, users will need to first activate this service. Once done, then you have to connect it to your Google Account in order to avail this awesome service. You can follow below guide to access to get your hands over it

1. First of all, open Settings on your android device.

2. Now, scroll down to Security option then click on it.

3. Next, click on device administrator option.

4. Now, you have to check the Android Device Manager box.

5. Next, move to go location services in order to turn on location.

6. If you are not able to find your device’s location then you log in to the Find My Device service.

7. Next, you will find your location on the map.

8. Here, you will see three options namely ring, lock and erase.

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> Location Tracking on iOS Device

iOS device users can also access location tracking using iPhone inbuilt feature called iCloud Find My Device feature. This feature can be easily accessed on all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod. Now, follow below steps to follow and execute the whole process.

1. First of all, click on Settings.

2. Here, on the top of the list, click on Apple ID.

3. Now, allow find my device feature.

4. Now open any browser then search for

5. Next, you have to sign in with your details.

6. Here, you will be able to see the find by iPhone/ iPad/ iPod button. Click on it.

7. Here, you will be able to see your iOS device’s location.

8. Next, you will see three options namely send an audible alert, lock your phone and erase all data.

9. You can go through with anyone of the above three features.

Final Verdict

Here, we have featured the best 3 methods to track Phone’s location. Comment below if you know any other best location tracking method that must be listed here. Also, let us know if you face any problems while executing anyone of the following method.

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