WhatsApp Beta v2.17.26: Cancel or Edit Sent Messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Beta V2.17.26

I sent a wrong message to my friend!!! Oh, no, what to do now? Don’t worry, WhatsApp Beta 2.17.26 has now shown that users can edit or delete sent messages on WhatsApp.

At present, this feature is in test mode and only available for beta users. Means this isn’t stable. Once WhatsApp developers will ensure that there’s no issue with this version then this feature will be available for all.

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Download WhatsApp Beta 2.17.26: Edit or Delete Sent WhatsApp Messages

Sometimes it happens that, we mistakely send a message to the person we didn’t want to, agree? Yes, it happens by mistake but there’s no solution for this or to resolve this issue.

In some scenarios, people take it seriously and change their intention towards the sender.

Well, WhatsApp has now testing this features and it’s available in its beta version 2.17.25 or 2.17.26.

Once you have tapped on the send icon , you can recall or edit the sent messages.

Below is the proof:

WhatsApp Beta V2.17.26

WhatsApp Trick to Recall or Edit Sent Messages

There’s only one way which will work at present. If you could take the risk of installing the beta version. Install at your own risk.

Download Beta v2.17.26 Here

When it will be established, WhatsApp will announce about the features officially.

For your knowledge, this isn’t an extraordinary feature which will be only available for WhatsApp. This feature is right now available in Telegram (Biggest WhatsApp Competitor).

You can edit the sent messages under 48 hours on Telegram. Well, WhatsApp is too late to launch implement this features.

Just thank to the developers, because okay it’s too late but yet arriving soon.

Source: Twitter @WABetaInfo



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