Whatsapp Beta Redesigns the Storage Usage Section in Latest Updates

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INTRO: If you’re someone who has enabled auto-downloads on WhatsApp, your phone is perhaps cluttered with tons of forwarded media content from various WhatsApp groups. To help users efficiently manage the storage, WhatsApp is now rolling out a redesigned Storage Usage section within the latest WhatsApp beta version

The new Storage usage section features a storage indicator bar that shows what proportion space the app has occupied. This visual representation will offer you a far better idea regarding the space WhatsApp media is consuming on your phone. It also denotes the space employed by other apps.

whatsapp storage usage section

Below the storage bar, WhatsApp has added a replacement section to assist you review and delete items. In this section, WhatsApp will show you media files that are forwarded too repeatedly and files larger than 5MB.

The chat-based storage usage indicator is getting an improvement also . You can now look for specific chats to quickly delete the files. Moreover, you’ll sort them by newest, oldest, and largest for a far better idea regarding what to delete first.

You can access the redesigned Storage Usage section from WhatsApp’s Settings -> Storage and data usage -> Manage storage. Before you even open the Manage storage section, WhatsApp will show you the used storage within the ‘Storage and data usage’ page.

As mentioned earlier, the feature is now available with WhatsApp beta If you’re already on WhatsApp beta, you’ll get this new section with a fast update via the Google Play Store. However, you can’t enroll in the beta program now since it is currently full.

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