WhatsApp is Looking to Finally Allow Users to Permanently Mute Chats

Whatsapp 30-second video limit

INTRO: WhatsApp has gained a myriad of latest features to assist users better interact with one another during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. This includes up to eight users in group video calls, animated stickers, QR code contacts sharing, and more. The most helpful feature, however, still seems to be on the way.

WhatsApp To Bring “Always Mute” Option 

Discovered by reliable tipster WABetaInfo, the messaging giant Whatsapp has started work on a replacement ‘Always Mute’ feature for chats. This will enable users to permanently mute those irritating friends or group chat that you simply want to distance yourself from.

The mute feature currently allows you to choose from three options – 8 hours, 1 week, and 1 year. An APK teardown of the newest WhatsApp beta, however, reveals that the ultimate option could soon get replaced with ‘Always’ to mute chats forever. You can see this new ‘Always’ option within the screenshot below:

whatsapp group chat always mute

This looks like the right move for users, like me, who mute most of the group chats – especially family or meme ones – thanks to the constant flood of messages. The 1-year mute option is sweet and it works but one fine day, you’re bombarded with messages from that muted group.

I would wish to see WhatsApp pair this ‘Always Mute’ feature with the ‘Archive’ option, therefore the muted chats don’t resurface once you receive new messages. WABetaInfo also found that the work on ‘expiring messages’ (ephemeral messages, which delete after a particular time) and ‘multi-device support’ is currently underway.

The evidence for ‘expiring messages’ was first spotted earlier last year. The feature was called ‘disappearing messages’ some time past and users could choose the duration for when the messages expire – delete for both users. The latest screenshot seems to suggest that the duration is going to be capped at 7 days and you’ll simply need to activate the feature to form it works.

As for multi-device support, WhatsApp is functioning on a replacement ‘Linked Devices’ UI where you’ll be ready to keep a track of all the devices – be it your browser, desktop, mobile or maybe the iPad – you employ to log into the messaging service. The newer UI will enable you to link a replacement device or sign off of any device with a few of taps.

All of the aforementioned features are currently in development and not available in either the stable or beta builds of WhatsApp. We will update you once the messaging giant rolls out any of those features to all or any users.

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