WhatsApp Might Let You Sync Chats Between Android and iOS Devices Really Soon


INTRO: WhatsApp has long been known to be performing on multi-device support for its popular messaging app. This will enable you to log into WhatsApp using your same account on different devices – be it your smartphone, desktop, or maybe an iPad simultaneously. It will come as a serious relief to many users as WhatsApp is functioning to enable another important feature alongside multi-device support.

The messaging giant is currently getting to allow you to log into 4 other devices aside from the first device to access WhatsApp simultaneously. Since this may not use an internet wrapper, the corporate must add a feature to sync your chat history across all of the devices.

WhatsApp To Bring Sync Feature Soon

Now, reliable tipster WABetaInfo has discovered that WhatsApp is functioning on a talk history sync feature. It will see you hook up with a WiFi network, log into your WhatsApp account (possibly using your phone number), and see your texts download and decrypt thereon secondary device almost instantly. The WiFi connection is important thanks to the quantity of knowledge that a talk backup download would require.

The tipster has managed to activate and test out the feature within the desktop client. But, the report mentions that the method should work an equivalent on a second mobile device also.

This means you would possibly not got to believe third-party software to aim to transfer your messages from an Android to an iOS phone or vice-versa. You will only get to log in via your telephone number and see the chats sync with no hiccups. WhatsApp has previously been reported to be working to ‘convert the iOS database to the one compatible with the Android format,’ says the report.

There is currently no timeline for the discharge of both the multi-device support, also as chat history sync features. WhatsApp will presumably bring both of those features at an equivalent time, alongside a long-rumored native iPad app. We will keep you updated on the latest developments on this topic, so make sure to check back regularly.

Image Courtsey: WebBetaInfo

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