WhatsApp to Add Fingerprint Authentication for WhatsApp Web


INTRO: People often use WhatsApp Web to stay using WhatsApp on their PC without having to see their smartphones for all incoming messages. In an effort to form the general process safer , WhatsApp is functioning to feature fingerprint authentication whenever you create new Web sessions.

Ever since WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Web, several malicious actors have managed to access one’s personal WhatsApp chats by using the WhatsApp web feature. Although WhatsApp shows a notification when there’s a lively web session, some users might not notice it. With this fingerprint authentication method, users can rest assured that their WhatsApp Web won’t be compromised just in case their phone is with others for a quick period.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp remains performing on this and has not enabled it to all or any users. WABetaInfo spotted the feature in beta version on Android. In other words, you’ll not see the choice to verify new WhatsApp Web instances together with your fingerprint within the latest WhatsApp beta. Once the feature is formed available to users however, creating a replacement WhatsApp Web session would require that you simply authenticate using your fingerprint on your smartphone. Hopefully the feature will work with face recognition also , for smartphones just like the iPhone, where fingerprint scanners aren’t available.

whatsapp web fingerprint auth

Apart from this, the update comes with a couple of bug fixes. To be specific, the update fixes the bug associated with the ‘Recently Used Emojis’ section. For those unaware, with previous WhatsApp betas, WhatsApp automatically removed recent emojis whenever the user updated WhatsApp. This was obviously quite inconvenient for users and it’s good to ascertain that the corporate has fixed it. In my case, I never noticed this was happening so far . The latest WhatsApp beta is currently being unrolled through Google Play Store.


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