Getting WiFi Authentication Error on Android? Here Is What You Can Do

WiFi Authentication Error

Getting Wifi authentication error on Android? Here is what you can do about it. Trying to connect to a wireless network and ended up getting error. This problem is quite common in some android smartphones and some tablets. You are sure that the password you have entered is correct but still the device is refusing to connect.

Since authentication error WiFi is not a single issue, there might be something wrong with the wireless network, or with your android device or with both. There is some specific way out to this Wifi authentication problem of Android. All you need to do is keep on reading the post for more information.

Understanding WiFi Authentication Error Problem:

The Android authentication problem occurs when you unsuccessfully try to connect to a Wi-Fi network with the correct password.  On entering the password the device shows a notification saying that the password is being authenticated. But after some time you get to see WiFi authentication error which is quite annoying. Always make sure the password you have entered is correct. The main reason behind the authentication problem is sometimes due to the wrong password.

WiFi Authentication Error

To Fix The WiFi Authentication Error We Have Listed Some Fixes For You:

If your password is not wrong, here are some quick fixes that you can try to make the WiFi in a running state again.

Step 1: Reset You Android WiFi Connection:

The first and the main thing you can do is try resetting your Android’s WiFi connection. You can remove the wireless network from your device and add it back as a new wireless connection, which usually is the primary solution to most Android WiFi authentication error.

  1. Navigate to your phone’s settings and check out WiFi under network connections.
  2. Under Wi-Fi networks, find the network that you want to connect to and long-press on its name or SSID. You’ll get a pop-up menu with two options: forget the network and modify network config.
  3. Select the forgot password option.
  4. Put some distance in between yourself and the Wi-Fi router until you are only getting one signal bar. Try to reconnect the same network and re-enter the password.
  5. If everything goes as plan, you will be able to authenticate and connect to your wifi again.

WiFi Authentication Error

However, if this solution fails, we have other plans too that might work for you and might help you to get over your WiFi authentication error.

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Solution 2: Verify The Wireless Network Name For Duplicates

Under most circumstances, the “Authentication failed” error message arises primarily when the network details such as username and password do not match. While you may be confident that the password you have entered is accurate, you could be connecting to the wrong network of the same name. For instance, if you have ever visited a Holiday Inn Express, all of their wireless networks have the same name. Similarly, there’s a good chance that your router name such as “Linksys” could be the same as somebody else in your neighborhood. If you have mistakenly connected to another wireless network under the same name with your WiFi you will get authentication error WiFi. The simplest solution to this is renaming your WiFi and try trying again.

The problem might not be the duplicate wifi names but still, you are getting an authentication error. For that, you can head to our third solution.

Solution 3: Modify Wireless Network Configuration

Regardless of what device you are connecting to a wireless router, an IP conflict can cause the connection to drop. The same goes for Android devices, where you could be experiencing WiFi authentication errors due to an IP conflict. You can easily solve this issue by changing the wireless network setting of your Android device from its default DHCP setting to Static IP.

  1. Navigate to the Settings app on your Android device and choose Wi-Fi.
  2. Long-press or hold the network that you want to access and then choose the modify network config in the pop-up menu that appears. In some devices, this option will be named as modify network connection.
  3. Check the box next to show advanced options and then seek out IP settings. Change from DHCP to Static. An IP Address field will appear below.
  4. Note down the information included in the static IP address field then delete it, re-enter it again, and save.
  5. If you aren’t sure what IP address, Gateway, Netmask, and DNS to enter, you can contact your internet service provider to help you with these details.

WiFi Authentication Error

Hopefully, this helps.

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End Verdict:

The above solutions are tried solutions. They will give you the desired result. If not, try the old way of letting the internet work again. Try putting your device on Airplane mode for 30 seconds and then try connecting your WiFi again.

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