Best WMV to MP4 Converter Online and Offline [Working Tools]

Best WMV to MP4 Converter Online and Offline [Working Tools]

First of all, let’s know what WMV is? WMV is a windows media video file that is compressed with one or more of Microsoft’s video compression formats. WMV file has a .wmv format, which is more common to use on MP4 files on cross-platform devices, video players, and operating systems. Sometimes we cannot play our WMV file on iPhone, iPod, or mp4 players, and then we get into a big problem. Then we think about how to get rid out of the problem? We suddenly think of a good idea to convert our WMV file to MP4 format. WMV to MP4 video converter programs are very good at modifying videos without affecting the picture quality, and importantly it is a time-saving activity.

There are many ways available to convert WMV files to MP4 format online and on personal computers. 

We will know about the best 5 WMV to MP4 converter online and the top 3 WMV to MP4 converter on personal computers in the following sections.

Best 5 WMV to MP4 converters online

Many users are fond of downloading new software to ease their tasks in less or no time. In that case, users download the alternatives online. Here we will discuss how we can convert the WMV file to MP4.


ConvertFiles is online file converters which can convert almost all file like audio, video, image, drawing, e-book, archive, document, presentation, and many more.

Best WMV to MP4 Converter Online and Offline [Working Tools]

With this ConvertFiles, we can convert WMV to mp4, mpg to 3gp, and more. Convert Files is best suitable to upload files up to 250mb file size, but it cannot upload the bigger size file.

Here let’s see the simple steps to convert WMV to MP4

Step1: Select the WMV file on your computer.

Step2: Choose mp4 as the destination format in the output format drop-down list.

Step3: Click convert.

You can now download your converted file immediately after the process gets finished.


Zamzar is an online converter software where you can convert more than 1200 file formats like Avi, WMV, MP4, mpg, and many more.

Best WMV to MP4 Converter Online and Offline [Working Tools]

The best thing that could be considered about this software is you need not to download or install any software because you are using it online.

Various steps to follow to convert your file

Step1: Add your files or directly drop your WMV file to import it to the source platform.

Step2: Expand convert to the drop-down list and find mp4 video formats.

Step3: Click convert now, and your process will start immediately.


FileZigZag is an online converter that converts documents, images, archives, eBooks, audio, and video formats.

FileZigZag HomePage

This website supports plenty of formats, but this software has a limit to converting only ten files daily and 50mb size each.

Steps to convert WMV to MP4

Step1: Directly drop files in the source area, or you can browse for files.

Step2: In the destination format, choose mp4, and as you click start converting, the file soon converts your file.


It is an online tool that supports many file formats where you can simply upload your files to convert and need only to drag the target file to the home screen, and by clicking just simple buttons, your file gets convert fastly.

Convertio Homepage

This file converts files and lets you choose Google drive and dropbox as a save location, and this tool features that you can simply leave the app until your file gets converted successfully. This program has a powerful conversion capacity with a limit to upload a 100mb file.

Steps to use Convertio

Step1: Simply select or drag and drop the WMV video from your computer.

Step2: Choose mp4 as the target format.

Step3: Click convert. Once the video conversion gets over, you can download it on your pc or laptop.


Unlike four other tools, online-convert seems to provide most video settings during conversion. Meanwhile, this tool supports uploading files from dropbox and Google drive as the Convertio does.

Online-convert HomePage

Steps to use online-convert

Step 1: drop the WMV file onto the source area or choose files from a computer.

Step 2: click start conversion. As soon as the file gets converted, you can customize your file in video settings.


Best 9 WMV to MP4 Converters on Personal Computers

Though, as you have seen online tools to convert WMV file to MP4 format, here are some tools that convert your WMV file to mMP4 format on a personal computer. Here you have to download the computer tools that can ensure a clean, fast a smooth functioning of conversion to mp4. This is something different to use on pc than online. So let’s discuss some of the tools.

WonderShare Free Video Converter

This is one of the best software for conversion. It is entirely free to install. The best part is it gets installed on any system for both windows on the Mac operating system.

WonderShare Free Video Converter

Moreover, the software offers a 30x faster speed than any other software, and it also supports more than 1000 formats. It converts the videos downloaded directly from YouTube, and it is recommended to use the premium version of the software to avail more benefits of it.


This tool is free, and it allows the user to convert almost all types of files. This tool is open-source, where it is easily acceptable by the end-users, and this tool has many in-built devices present in it.


This software has several different and unique features associated with batch scanning. Chapter makers support VFR and CFR, title or chapter range selection, video filtering, and average bit rate video encoding. Nevertheless, this tool is completely free to download on your computer, and it also does not require any license to activate it.

DivX converter

This tool is available as a free and paid version. A free version offers decent conversion speed, high-quality output, and it is user friendly.

Best WMV to MP4 Converter Online and Offline [Working Tools]

This tool is available for both OS, i.e., Windows and Mac. The paid version is very expensive, so normal users cannot afford it to install it on pc and about 4K videos are available with this tool.

Any video converter

As the name is suggesting, this tool is compatible with any type of video to convert it into other formats, and it manages its high-definition quality.

Best WMV to MP4 Converter Online and Offline [Working Tools]

This software is compatible with all the operating systems. With this tool comes a burner that will burn the data files into DVDs easily.

Freemake video converter

As the name suggests, the software has a unique interface that trims the videos, adding subtitles and other editing functions.

Best WMV to MP4 Converter Online and Offline [Working Tools]

This software has something different unique feature it that is it has the capability to burn the media files on data discs. It merges different files to make it a single file. Moreover, this software gets updated by itself and improves performance.

Format Factory

This tool is a convenient utility tool that makes it very easy to convert the files, and it is highly compatible with mobile devices.


The features of this tool are easily accessible due to its user-friendly interface. Moreover, it can also be used to repair the damaged files with the help of its built-in tools.

Totally Free Converter

This tool performs the task of a fully efficient converter along with a media player and a downloader.


This tool saves the quality of files and also the disk space on your system. This is very easy to use and easy to install. At last, the original quality is maintained intact even after the file format conversion.

Quick time

This is the default and built-in media player for the mac os. This tool performs many functions.

Apple Quick Time

If it is downloaded on your system, you do not need to download any other application to execute your videos or perform formatting; however, this tool performs all the functions at a time. It is very friendly oriented for the first time user.

Quick Media Converter

This is a tool that eases the conversion of video files to mp4 format, and this tool is free to download, but it has a demerit that it only supports windows OS.


It is very easy to understand, and the software is entirely free from virus or malware and does not leave any watermark on your video. This tool has many advanced options to convert the file, and it also captures videos from your webcam as well.

NCH Prism Video Converter Software

NCH Prism Video Converter is available in both a free and a paid version. This tool is easy to use for beginners.

NCH Prism Video converter

It converts the file very fast and gives a high-quality output, but it has a limitation to 1080p. By the way, the tool is available only for Windows OS, so if you like to work on another OS, you have to switch to different software to get installed on your OS.


As we have seen so many WMV to MP4 converters, we get confused about which one we should have on our video converter system. Now let’s conclude with this part. As we have so many features associated with each of the WMV to MP4 converters, and the list includes free versions like DivX, Freemake, any video converter, and NCH Prism. Still, as we know, if some have merits, it also has demerits attached to it. Like watermarks, length limit, lack of features, upsells, and many more. Now let’s discuss some in detail.

WatermarkWatermark lets your video to convert, leaving a watermark behind. This basically works for the provider’s benefit. Because if a user needs to remove the watermark from his video. He has to pay for the premium version of the software, and it also acts as an advertisement for the converter if free videos are shared.

Length limit: Length limit puts the user to limit the time length of the videos they want to share or convert.

Lack of features: Here, I must say that some software features fall short in some areas like editing suite selection and formatting options.

Upsells: In this, you might get disappointed with the free version of the software because it might let you deal with relentless upsells and persuade you to get the paid or premium version.



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