Reliance Jio And Bharti Airtel Providing Work From Home Plans


Bharti Airtel and Reliance Jio have been on the front end helping their customers survive the crisis. Work From Home Plans are introduce by Airtel and Jio to let the employees work without any interruptions. There is no certainty when things will be normal again. Being in the lockdown means that people have to finish their work sitting in their homes. This leads to more demand for data amongst the consumers to work from home.

Work From Home Plans

The need for entertainment is increasing as the live telecasts are stop due to pandemic. consumers The need for data is also increasing as consumers are streaming videos and playing games to entertain themselves. Both Reliance Jio and Bharti Airtel, keeping in mind the requirements of their customers have launch their 4G vouchers. This voucher comes with 50GB of data. Let’s find out what’s cool about these data vouchers.

A few days back, Reliance Jio introduce Work From Home plans. These are mainly data vouchers. The telco introduce a total of three new 4G data vouchers under this category. he most expensive data voucher under this category is Rs 251. This voucher comes with a data benefit of 50GB and does not have any caps on daily usage. It comes with a standalone validity of 30 days. You don’t get any other benefits except data benefits.

Work From Home Plans

Reliance Jio is offering two more plans under the ‘Work From Home’ category. The cheapest one amongst them comes for Rs 151 with unlimited 30GB data benefits. This one comes with a standalone validity of 30 days as well. The last voucher costs rupees 201. With this plan you will get 40GB unlimited data benefit. You get the same validity of 30 days as with the other vouchers in this category. Bharti Airtel has rupees 251 prepaid data voucher.

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