Xbox Chief Explains the “Physics” Behind the Design of Sony’s PlayStation 5


INTRO: Right after Sony unveiled the planning of its upcoming PlayStation 5, it became a moment meme on various social media platforms. However, consistent with the Xbox chief, the designs of those sorts of high-end gaming consoles aren’t for aesthetics only. Many factors inherit play when it involves designing a gaming console.

The Executive VP of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer recently made an appearance within the first-of-its-kind in-game chat show, Animal Talking, hosted by video-game journalist, Gary Whitta. it’s an equivalent show during which we recently saw Disney star, Selena Gomez perform her latest song.

At one point within the interview, Gary asked spencer about his first impression when he saw the planning of the PlayStation 5. So, Spencer explained that choosing a design for a gaming console which too for therefore high-powered ones like their Xbox Series X or Sony’s PlayStation 5 can become a tedious task. Many factors like cooling, energy consumption, and performance inherit play about which the designers need to think.

“Well, it’s hard, because i do know the physics that we’re both handling with the facility of those consoles, and cooling these consoles — the facility , the energy use, the cooling — those are real challenges of this generation.”, said Spencer.

Talking about Microsoft’s Xbox design, Phil explained, “We chose our design because we wanted an outsized fan that we could spin a touch more slowly so we’re not making noise. We wanted to possess a really quiet console.”.

Coming to the planning of the PlayStation 5, Spencer added “Knowing that the PlayStation 5 is running at higher clocks […] it creates unique design challenges in how you retain this stuff cool. They took an approach that’s different than the approach that we did [with Xbox Series X]. I haven’t been around a PlayStation 5 running, but i’m sure that that they had similar design goals for themselves around what it means to run, how it sounds, and the way much power it’s drawing because those are things that we focused on and it led to the planning that we’ve .”

You can inspect the complete 2-and-a-half hour episode of “Animal Talking” right below.

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