Xiaomi May Launch its First Dolby Vision Certified TV Soon


INTRO: Even though the Xiaomi TV portfolio is pretty big, the company still only offers HDR10+, even on its highest-end televisions. So far as we know, there has been no Dolby Vision certification for the company, but that might be changing soon and there will be the availability of Dolby Vision certified televisions.

Xiaomi TV received Design Certification

The first 65 "Xiaomi TV with Dolby Vision technology has been approved

The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi’s lineup of Mi TVs have been pretty much started with the low-cost smart TV trend in the Indian television market, and the company also has a huge Mi TV lineup in India and also in its home country of China well prepared. However, According to a Weibo post made by the General Manager of Xiaomi’s TV department (via Gizmochina), a Xiaomi TV with model number L65M5-OD has received design certification from Dolby Laboratories Inc.

In competition with Sony, LG, Samsung

As the model number implies — the TV is going to be a 65-inch offering from Xiaomi. Moreover, the ‘OD’ might refer to an OLED panel. Both these things, along with the Dolby Vision certification hint towards an expensive, high-end Mi TV offering from Xiaomi that will likely compete against the best-in-class TVs in the market (mostly Sony, LG, and Samsung’s offerings).

Xiaomi ranks 5th in TV Shipments all over the Globe

Xiaomi has the upper ground in China, with the company’s TV shipments ranking at number 1 in the country. However, the company ranks fifth in terms of TV shipments worldwide. That’s still a solid position to be in and launch a high-end TV that might pique the interest of a segment of the market with higher buying power.

The company hasn’t given away much information in the way of details around this L65M5-OD TV that’s in the works, but let us just stay tuned for more updates and will be waiting for further updates from the company.


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