Xiaomi Patents Folding Smartphone That Looks Like the Huawei Mate Xs


INTRO: The Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi has recently patented a foldable smartphone that looks a lot like the Huawei Mate Xs. If it is to be Believed it was first noticed by Dutch tech blog, that is LetsGoDigital, the recently filed patent was published by China’s National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) earlier just today. Xiaomi has apparently filed for the patent in late 2019 also.

Xiaomi Files Patents For Foldable Smartphones 

New patent reveals Huawei Mate Xs like foldable smartphone by Xiaomi

As it can be seen from the images mentioned, the phones fold towards outwards, with its wraparound display on the outside end. When the device is opened, it transforms into a tablet, while in its folded state format, it resembles a standard smartphone which is common. But, significantly it is much thicker than regular handsets we currently have in the market. It is also has a thin panel on the backside to house the cameras. The panel also wraps around on one side to accommodate what it looks like the volume rocker and the power button in the device.

Sound Cancelling Microphone 

The interesting part here in the device is that there is also an oval button directly under the camera setup. the purpose is not immediately clear currently, but LetsGoDigital speculates or guesses that it might serve as a release for the locking mechanism when folded for the device. The Xiaomi phone also comes equipped with a sound-canceling microphone on the top along with a standard mic on the bottom. Other hardware features include a speaker and a USB-C connection at the bottom in it.

Further Information Awaited 

For now, it is not much else is known about the device, but we will hopefully get more information in the coming days. Either of the ways, it is worth noting that this particular form-factor might have been all the rage or work in the last year when Xiaomi was working on this device, but we have since seen clamshell phones like the Moto Razr 2019 and especially, the Galaxy Z Flip, gain in popularity in the market. So it will be quite interesting to see whether Xiaomi will eventually bring this device to the market at some stage or not.


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