Xiaomi Testing ‘Paper’ Mode With E-Ink Display Texture in MIUI 12


INTRO: Xiaomi is seemingly performing on a replacement ‘paper’ mode to feature to its display settings in MIUI 12. The option, which is yet to travel live, will reportedly be a part of an ‘enhanced Reading Mode’ within the next-gen custom Xiaomi ROM.

It is said to feature a paper-like texture to the display to further reduce eye-strain as compared to regular night mode. The new setting was found within the MIUI 12 China Beta ROM released June 30 (v20.6.30). It was first reported by Polish blog, MIUI Polska, travel by XDA Senior Member, kacskrz.

As per the report, the ‘Paper’ option is going to be available in MIUI 12’s Reading Mode settings. It will apparently add a “coarse paper-like texture” to all or any elements on the screen, making it appear as if an e-ink display. There’s no more information on the upcoming feature for now. However, we hope to get more information sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, the Paper option will apparently not be the sole change to the Reading Mode in MIUI 12. Xiaomi is additionally reportedly adding three new options to regulate the display’s color temperature in its next-gen custom Android ROM. According to the report, the new options are ‘Full Colors’, ‘Light Colors’, and ‘Black and White’.

While the primary option will haven’t any reduction in color saturation aside from the regular yellow overlay in Reading mode, the second option will bring faded colors almost like the ‘Chromatic’ reading mode in OnePlus’ OxygenOS. The Black and White option is self-explanatory.

None of the aforementioned features are sleeping in the newest MIUI build. There’s no word from Xiaomi either about once they might start rolling out. That said, let’s hope that we don’t have to wait too long for these to be available in Xiaomi devices.

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