You Can Now Use Your Xiaomi Phone’s Camera to Measure Your Heart Rate

Xiaomi Health App

INTRO: Xiaomi introduced a replacement health and fitness tracking app, Mi Health, earlier last year. It offered step and sleep tracking, BMI measurement, and women’s health features to start out with. The company has greatly improved these features over the past year and is now adding a new very useful feature – heart rate monitoring – to the Mi Health app.

Yeah, the newest version (2.7.4) of the Mi Health app has introduced native pulse monitoring into the combination. This means you don’t need to pair a fitness band or another accessory to record your heart rate. Instead, Xiaomi will use the phone’s camera sensor to live your pulse.

If you’re an MIUI user and have the newest Mi Health app installed on your phone, you’ll find a replacement ‘Heart rate’ section inside an equivalent. There’s a red color ‘heartbeat’ icon at rock bottom right, which on tapping takes you to the ‘heart rate detection’ feature. It will then instruct users to hide the flash and camera with a finger to start the guts rate detection process.

mi health - heart rate

You will see a progress bar at rock bottom of the screen (screenshot on the right), which tells you when the guts rate detection is complete. As per XDA’s report, who was the primary to identify this new feature, the Mi Health app will then inquire about your current state. You will be presented with three options — General status, Resting-state, and After exercise.

The app will compile the info to then tell you whether your pulse is perfect, slow, or fast. If you begin measuring your pulse on the regular, the Mi Health app will keep a track of all the info and present you an equivalent within the new ‘Heart Rate’ dashboard. The heart rate measured using this method might not as accurate as a fitness band but it does give users an idea of their current health.

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