You May Soon be Able to Customise Google Assistant’s Snapshot Cards


INTRO: The Google Assistant‘s Snapshots page can be quite useful at times. However, a lot of the cards it shows are usually not important enough to be granted that space. Up until now, the only thing you could do about that dismissed the card and try to teach Google that it’s not relevant to you. However, you may soon be able to customize the Snapshot screen completely.

The report comes from Android Police who were tipped by one of their readers about the new functionality. According to screenshots shared by the reader, a new card is showing up in Snapshots offering customization options within settings. Once you go into these settings you can enable or disable cards for things like commute times, bills, events, and more.

These settings are organized by category. As such, you can quickly find and turn off recommendations for StayAtHome activities, or recipes if you want. Or enable/disable snapshots for birthday reminders, public holidays, and more.

As of right now, the update seems to be a server-side test rolling out to a very small number of people. I checked it on my Pixel 4 and I can’t find Snapshot settings myself, so clearly, I will have to wait a while longer. However, if you want to check it for yourself, simply head into Assistant Settings and see if you have a new ‘Snapshots’ section down there.


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