You May Soon be Able to View Instagram Stories from the Facebook App

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INTRO: Instagram currently offers the choice to let users share stories to Facebook. If you enable ‘Share to Facebook Story’, Instagram will automatically cross-post the story to your Facebook audience. With its latest test, the corporate is experimenting with the likelihood of letting users view Insta stories from Facebook.

While stories on Facebook are represented during a blue circle, stories from Instagram are going to be represented in Instagram’s usual orange border. it’s worth noting that folks on Facebook who don’t follow you on Instagram won’t see your story.

Facebook ensures that the story audience isn’t getting changed. The stories will appear under your same Instagram username. Moreover, you’ll see all the story views and replies on Instagram. In other words, this feature is targeted at those that are more active on or prefer using Facebook.

The test was first spotted by Twitter user @ec_wife and was shared by social medai guru Matt Navarra. Facebook spokesperson Alexandru Voica later confirmed the test.

“We’re testing a replacement feature that provides people the choice to look at stories from Instagram on Facebook, making it easier to look at moments from people you care about, no matter what app you’re using. to ascertain Instagram Stories on Facebook, people must have their accounts linked and opt into the experience,” says Voice.

If the thought of letting Facebook show your gram stories on Facebook doesn’t excite you, you’ll be glad to understand that there’s how out. The feature is completely optional and if you don’t love it , you’ll just pretend it doesn’t exist. That said, Facebook remains testing the feature and it’d take a couple of weeks for the feature to urge finalized for a wider rollout.

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