You Will Soon be Able to Use Amazon Alexa Hands-free on Your Smartphone


INTRO: While the Google Assistant and Siri are good at their job, if you’re someone like me and you’re using Amazon Alexa enabled smart devices in your house likelihood is that you want to only say “Alexa, close up the lamps” to your phone and have it listen. Well, soon you’ll be ready to do exactly that.

Hands-free Access To Amazon Alexa on iOS & Android Devices

Amazon is bringing hands-free access to Alexa on iOS and Android phones. With this new feature, you’ll be ready to simply use the wake word for Alexa and use it as your smart assistant. That seems like a reasonably batch to me.

Amazon lets you talk to Alexa hands-free on its mobile app - CNET

However, there is a catch. You will need to first use the Google Assistant or Siri to launch the Alexa app. Then, you’ll start using voice commands to launch Alexa and begin talking. Right now, you’ve got to tap the Alexa icon from the rock bottom toolbar if you would like to talk with Alexa. So this new method will likely be tons easier and more seamless than it’s been.

Wake Word will Be Registered on Alexa App

You can now use Amazon's Alexa app hands-free on Android and iOS ...

Some other minor catches that accompany this feature include: the phone should be unlocked. Moreover, the wake word will only register if the Amazon Alexa app is open on the phone screen. Not the foremost seamless interaction, but still, it’s there if you would like it.

If the feature isn’t available for you (it wasn’t on behalf of me on Android and iOS), worry not. Amazon are going to be rolling out the new feature worldwide within the next few days. So, you should get access really soon. However, confirm that your Amazon Alexa app is updated to the newest available version so as to form use of this feature when it rolls out.



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