YouTube Android App Now Showing Google Search Results Alongside Videos


INTRO: According to the reports, you may very soon start seeing Google search results while searching for videos on the YouTube app. That is all according to Redditor, u/TheMrIggs, who actually claims that the popular video-streaming platform is now showing the top Google search results alongside the relevant videos for some searches on the YouTube Android app.

Google Search Results For Videos In Youtube Android App

The new experiment is part of Google’s plan to offer contextual information for video search results, but going by the Reddit thread, reactions to it has thus far been mixed. While some of them welcomed the new feature happily, while on the other hand others seem to be of the opinion that it might be reasonable for the folks who are searching for videos on the Google app, but might not be that much helpful if users are specifically looking for videos on the YouTube app.

Feature Not Rolled Out Yet To Every User

In either of the way, it seems to be a very limited rollout as of now for the Youtube App. From what can we see currently, is that it isn’t available on either of my devices, even though they’re both running the latest version of the app. Google might roll it out to a wider audience going forward, but it’s not immediately clear as to whether that’s on the cards any time soon.

Users Feedback Is Not Expected Much

YouTube has carried out several changes in recent times, not many of which have been warmly accepted by the user-base. The list of unwelcome changes includes the moving of the comments section, the auto-subtitling of most videos, and larger thumbnails, all of which have faced a flurry of criticism from users. However, none of that has had any result, with most of those ‘features’ already becoming standard in the recent versions of the app.


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