YouTube Brings Video Fact Checking Issue To The US


YouTube has announced it is bringing its fact-checking information panel in the US. First introduced in Brazil and India, the expansion comes as COVID-19-related misinformation and conspiracy have spread online and through certain media. YouTube Brings Video Fact Checking Issue US.

YouTube Brings Video Fact Checking Issue US:

Fact check articles will appear in relevant search results. Pieces of information are pulled from a number of third-party websites. The site is leveraging ClaimReview’s article tagging system, which is also used by Google Search/New, Bing, and Facebook.

YouTube Brings Video Fact Checking Issue US

In the post, YouTube specifically cites concerns around COVID-19-related misinformation as fake news can worsen the situation, noting the difficulty in keeping up with a rapidly changing news cycle.

The company writes, “Our fact check information panels provide the fresh context in these situations by highlighting relevant, third-party fact-checked articles above search results for relevant queries so that our viewers can make their own informed decision about claims made in the news,”.

The move doesn’t directly involve the takedown of offending videos. Instead, the plan is to offer users context as they search for information on a given subject. The feature will no doubt have mixed results, depending on how committed a user is to a given theory or source. People who are already dug in on notions of COVID-19 as a hoax are not likely to be swayed by contextual information from PolitiFact or The Washington Post. That’s just the nature of the post-information hellscape in which we all currently reside. 

YouTube Brings Video Fact Checking Issue US

It echoes a similar move from Facebook earlier this month, which alerts users when they’ve interacted with “harmful misinformation” about the virus. Twitter, too, has expanded its own guidelines around coronavirus-related tweets, removing some of the offending misinformation around theories involving things like 5G.

YouTube say the new feature “will take some time for our systems to fully ramp up.” That involves both refining the system, the features efficacy and eventually rolling it out into even more markets.

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