YouTube Music Adds New Feature to Transfer Content from Google Play Music


INTRO: It’s not really a piece of news that Google is quite much focusing its music streaming efforts towards the direction of YouTube Music and alongside it is also slowly phasing out Google Play Music in a slow process but in sure ways.

Users can Transfer Content From Google Music to YouTube music

Now, the search engine giant Google has recently added a new feature to YouTube Music which is developed to aim at helping the Play Music users transfer so that they can transfer their content from Google Play Music over to YouTube Music without a lot of hassle and bassle during the process. The update, which is currently only rolling out to a few users, surfaces an option in YouTube Music inviting users to transfer their content over from Google Play Music.

You can Transfer Playlists, Likes, Dislikes to Youtube Music App

This will let users transfer their purchased songs, uploads, playlists, likes and dislikes, etc to the YouTube Music app. If you have a fairly large Play Music library, don’t worry, the transfer will continue in the background, and Google will even send you an email once the media transfer is complete. Post that, YouTube Music will show your transferred content in the ‘Library’ tab.

Podcasts can be Transferred Also From Google Music to Podcasts App

Google isn’t leaving behind podcast listeners either. The company has created a webpage that will let you transfer your podcasts from Google Play Music to the company’s ‘Podcasts’ app. The service will even transfer information such as your episode progress for your subscribed podcasts. So now for all the Google Play Music premium users, the company has also announced that they will be automatically shifted to an equivalent tier in YouTube Music App.

So, Do you Use Google Music users?If you are, how do you feel about moving to YouTube Music? Do let us know in the comments section.


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