YouTube Music Adds Related Tab for Similar Songs; New Mix Playlists in the Works


INTRO: YouTube Music is continuously making efforts in order to  feature-rich streaming platform, to support that Google has now started rolling out a new ‘Related’ tab. The feature adds on to the recently revamped Now Playing UI.

YouTube Music Brings “Related Tab”

YouTube Music Adds Related Tab for Similar Songs; New Mix ...

Google, has now brought “related Tab” to YouTube Music. As the name suggests, the feature will help you discover new music that you might like. YouTube Music has placed the Related tab right next to the Lyrics section in the application. You will be able to see a total of five songs recommendations in the ‘You might also like’ category.

Apart from song recommendations, YouTube Music lists recommended playlists that might interest you. This is followed by a section of similar artists and more tracks from the original artist.

Scroll Down You Get The “ About the Artist” Section

YouTube Music Adds Related Tab for Similar Songs; New Mix ...

When you scroll down to the bottom part of the Related tab feature, you will also get an ‘About the artist’ section if you’re interested to learn and get to know more about the artist then this tab is for you. It goes without saying that the sections in the Related tab are subject to data availability.

While I was testing out the feature, I noticed that some tracks just had the ‘You might also like’ section and ‘Similar artists’. This is more likely to happen on tracks from indie artists.

Personalized Mixed Playlist For YouTube Music

Google Play Music to YouTube Music: Making the switch

Also, the reports from Android Police bring out upcoming personalized mix playlists for the application, as it was noticed by a Reddit user. There are apparently a handful of new Mix playlists such as Focus Mix, Chill Mix, Workout Mix, and Energy Mix. The playlists, however, are not functional at the moment. They are said to reside in the Explore tab.

The related tab is being rolled out via a server-side update to the users and is live here on YouTube Music version 3.65. However, your mileage may vary as is the case with every other Google server-side change.

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