YouTube Rewind is Cancelled This Year as We Don’t Need a Recap of 2020


INTRO: YouTube is breaking a decade-old tradition this year. YouTube Rewind, which sees the video streaming giant celebrate the year’s trends, creators, and more at the top of every year, won’t be a thing in 2020.

Yeah, we won’t get to ascertain YouTube Rewind 2020 because it is cancelled thanks to how bad the year has been. The company began this tradition back in 2010 and has released a compilation video, which has gotten crazier and larger in terms of production, at the top of each year.

YouTube revealed that Rewind 2020 isn’t happening in a politician statement over on Twitter last night. The company says that the essence of the Rewind video is to offer “a look back at the year’s most impactful creators, videos, and trends, and it is always meant to be a celebration of you. But 2020 has been different.” And that’s true in any case .


The statement doesn’t mention whether YouTube Rewind will return next year or not, and only talks of the very fact that “we’re taking an opportunity from Rewind this year.” While the compilation video are some things we glance forward to at the top of the year, the past two years are kind of disappointing. The 2018 YouTube Rewind has over 18 million dislikes whereas last year’s video reverted to listing the best videos in each category on the platform. Thus, YouTube also received tons of flack for not fixing the trouble .

Now, with YouTube breaking the tradition this year, could this be an excellent thanks to get obviate the year-end Rewind compilation going forward? This is probably a short lived hold and that we can expect Rewind 2021 next year. However, i think the corporate could have compiled a video showcasing the positive efforts of people , frontline workers, et al. during such trying times. There’s enough positivity still there within the world and YouTube had an opportunity to repair Rewind this year.

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