YouTube Testing New Upload Icon and Icon Location on Mobile


INTRO: YouTube is apparently experimenting with a new upload icon and icon location on mobile. The subtle changes will make it easier to upload videos on mobile devices, the corporate wrote on its official YouTube support forums on Thursday.
“We’re testing out a special spot and an updated look on the app for uploading videos. In our design studies, we found that creators think the present placement for creation isn’t intuitive. So we are testing a replacement placement of the icon with a little group of users”, the corporate said.

YouTube Testing New Upload Icon and Icon Location on Mobile ...

Those who are a part of the experiment will find the new icon within the middle of the rock bottom bar with a universal “+” sign. The ‘Subscriptions’ feed of YoutTube for these users will move one spot to the proper. The ‘Notifications’ also will move to the highest navigation bar as a part of the general UI change. “Nothing is changing with the functionality of any of those icons/tabs”, the corporate asserted. The YouTube test is live for less than a couple of users immediately. However, Google says it’ll consider rolling it out more broadly supported feedback.

YouTube has been experimenting with a number of changes to the platform lately. One such change may be a simplified menu for video quality settings on mobile. There’s also a filter for ‘Top Comments’ in YouTube Studio, enabling creators on the platform to raised engage with their viewers. YouTube is additionally trying to enhance the voice-search experience by testing how to pick a special language for voice search than what’s currently set in your app’s settings. The company also recently introduced its AI-based SmartReply functionality for YouTube Creators.

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