10 Best Tools to Convert YouTube to AVI [Genuine & Free]


Hello guys, here in this post we are going to know about some best tools to convert youtube to AVI. Which means we are going to explore some best tools, with help of which you can convert your youtube video to AVI format. But before we would discuss the tools we should know about the AVI and YouTube. So, let’s begin with AVI –

AVI stands for audio video interleave. It was developed in 1992 by windows. It is the format to store multimedia files, which includes audio and video. Files get stored with .avi  extension.

Youtube is an online video sharing platform. It was started in 2005. Later on, google bought this site in November 2006 for 1.65 US billion dollars. Now we will discuss the best tool to convert Youtube videos to AVI format in detail.

FbTube YouTube Converter

Best Tools to Convert YouTube to AVI [Genuine & Free]

It is the best software to convert YouTube videos to AVI format. Software is available online for free. Which means there is no need to install the software, which is a very time taking process. It will help you convert video files, and you can easily download the video from YouTube.

It is not required to look for other software to download the converted video because here, only you can download the file. The quality of the downloaded file will be very high. The process of conversion is speedy. It ensures full security during the conversion process.

You have the freedom to choose the quality as per your requirement. In simple words, it is a straightforward online video converter app because you do not need to register on the site.


Best Tools to Convert YouTube to AVI [Genuine & Free]

If you are searching for an online YouTube video to AVI converter, Y2Mate is the best software. Basically, all you need is to get the YouTube video URL and then paste it on the required place on the homepage, or it has an option to search for the video by name on the same software. All the process will be done on the cloud, so you do not need to take much of the device storage.

When you put the URL, the processing will get started in the background; after that list of the available format, the download video and audio will appear on the screen. You will then have to pick the AVI format to witness a successful process of YouTube to AVI conversion. It provides a free online service that does not ask you to share any details, like email or phone number.

Above that, this video converter app works at high speeds to ensure efficient output delivery at the desired quality and resolution. Overall you are not limited in any way regarding the number of conversions you can perform.


Best Tools to Convert YouTube to AVI [Genuine & Free]

Just like the above-mentioned software, FLVTO also needs only a YouTube video URL. You need to import it into the specified area, and after that, you can select the required format in which you want to convert the video and then download it. Suppose you are only looking for the audio file. You can do that conversion of MP4 to MP3 in a single click.

The process is straightforward and efficient. You can do that on any platform like Mac, Linux, or Windows PC, etc. Apart from the normal AVI format, you have the option for the AVI HD format, which will give you a very high-quality video at the end. This is a free online video converter tool, but it does not have any limitations. This app does not ask you for an email id to get started. It is one of the best YouTube to AVI converter software. It will deliver the output fast, and it maintains the original quality of the file.

Freemake Video Downloader

Best Tools to Convert YouTube to AVI [Genuine & Free]

You are searching for a way to convert Youtube videos to AVI format? Then this is the best app. It is a free offline software. It has enough capacity to download high-quality YouTube videos. After downloading, you can convert it into AVI or any other format as per your requirement. It also has an option to convert MP4 to MP3, which can be done very easily.

It is straightforward to use this software. You have to get a video link from YouTube and then paste it into the software, and then you will be ready to start this conversion process. During the process, you have to define some aspects like the resolution, the file size, and the format required for the file. You can apply your setting to other videos just in a single click. It is one of the best YouTube to AVI conversion app.

VideoSolo Video Converter Ultimate

Best Tools to Convert YouTube to AVI [Genuine & Free]

This is a very flexible program which works on both Mac as well as on Window platforms. It also provides an option for video editing and even offers video downloading. The interface is easy and concise for every user. Anyone can use it without any problem.

It supports around 300 video formats, and you will be able to convert to any format apart from YouTube to AVI. You will also have some option to apply some basic editing if required, like merging, rotating, flipping, and personalizing the video with your watermark. It also allows you to enhance the final video by tinkering with parameters like contrast, brightness, volume, hue levels, and even saturation.

You will fall in love with this YouTube to AVI converter as it features hardware acceleration for supported processors, thus resulting in the speedy YouTube to AVI conversion process. As a downloader, it will help you to convert YouTube playlists to AVI in a very convenient way.

Online Video Converter


This is a free Youtube to AVI converter tool that allows you to download YouTube videos in the form of any audio and video formats. It supports formats like AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV, FLV, MPG, and WMV. Apart from YouTube, it supports other sites also for video downloading. It also allows you to select the quality of the file like resolution. In the program, you can even do basic editing to remove some video parts by selecting the start and the end time. The files can be downloaded from the software itself.


Online YouTube

Using Online YouTube, you can convert your desired video to any form of audio and video formats. It supports formats like AVI, WebM, 3GP, MP3, WAV, OGG, and many more. It also supports other social media sites for video download purposes. Once you upload and the file gets converted, the files are available for download on the software. It is online, so the program does not need any software download or installation.



Using this YouTube downloader and converter, you can convert videos which can be downloaded in various formats. The supported formats are AVI, WebM, MOV, 3GP, OGV, and others. You can extract the audio format videos, which includes WAV, AIFF, MP3, M4A, AAC, etc. You have to insert the YouTube video link to the program interface. After that, you need to select the required video or the audio format. It also has an option to select the quality of the file. Thus you can also select other resolution files to download. It has some advanced options like cutting, resizing, rotating and mirroring the video. You can also change the parameters like codec, frame rate, bit rate, as per your requirement. You can download the processed files from the app interface.



Using this simple and fast online tool, you can convert YouTube to AVI format fast and in high quality. It supports formats like MP3 and MP4. It is available for free to use. There is no needs to register or install the software. The software user interface is simple, and it is compatible with platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and others. You can download the process from the software interface. Convert YouTube to AVI online, free, and fast.



VideoProc allows you to fastly download the videos from YouTube and other 1000 online sites for free. It can convert HD/4K/8K videos formats to MP4, MP3, FLV, MKV, iPhone, iPad. It has a 47x faster video conversion speed with full GPU acceleration technique. This also allows you to edit videos to use further. It also has an option to record desktop screens. You can download almost all types of online videos, even M3U8 and AV1 videos—support 1000+ sites.

 The software can convert videos to MP4 (H264/HEVC), MKV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, MP3, WAV, etc., with over 420 profiles. There is an option to select the output quality and download the video in 4K/1080p/720p. Record live stream option is also available there. It supports unlimited free downloads with the best quality & faster speed. You can record live streams so you won’t miss live games, sports, news, etc. It also has a feature to cut, split, crop, merge, rotate, stabilize, denoise, and compress video and audio.

Let’s discuss some frequently asked questions.

Q-What is Youtube to Avi converter?

A YouTube to AVI converter application lets you download YouTube videos and save them in AVI format, which you can watch later. AVI format supports almost all devices, including PC, smartphones, and game consoles.

Q- What are the features of YouTube to AVI Converter?

It allows you to convert videos from YouTube and other platforms to different video and audio formats. Some apps also support batch save and conversion feature that saves your time when you have to download many videos. Some of them also have preset profiles that help you select the optimum compression settings, resolution, and format for your device.

Q- How can I convert videos using YouTube to AVI conversion apps?

A-To converts a video using a converter. At first, you need to copy the video URL and then paste it into the box. After that, you have to select the format and click on Convert. Once the video has converted, you can download the video on your local or cloud device.

Final Note

In the above section, we have tried to discuss every piece of information regarding it. Hop on to it, and we are sure our assistance would help you. In case of any query, let us know about your query in the comment section.

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