YouTube Trying to Access Microphone on iPhones Even When Not in Use: Report


INTRO: Many iPhone users are reporting seeing unexpected notifications about the YouTube app on their device seeking microphone access. According to several posters on a Reddit thread, the YouTube iOS app is trying to access the phone’s microphone even when the app isn’t getting used. Multiple Redditors seem to verify the claim, saying they need also been experiencing the precise same issue for the last few days.

Replying to the OP, one Redditor, who also claimed to possess an identical experience, said that when they granted the microphone permission, the mic-in-use notification on the top-right corner persisted for several minutes even once they weren’t using any voice command. “when we were on another app and also got this. we have accepted it and therefore the red mic in use notification on the proper top was on for several minutes. When it was tapped there on, it took me to YouTube. Why they were listening?”, they wrote.

YouTube (Microphone)

Some of the users have claimed that the YouTube app uses the microphone for Google’s own voice dictation if creators make videos within the YouTube app. Meanwhile, others wondered whether, just like the Chromecast, YouTube also uses ultrasonic sounds to attach to nearby devices that aren’t on an equivalent network. Whatever the reason, this is often freaking people out, and it’s imperative that Google issues a press release explaining what’s happening here.

With all the data harvesting and the online privacy becoming an increasing concern for several, people are naturally concerned about the newest developments. Many Redditors are of the opinion that this is often yet one more example of Google and its affiliates’ unethical data-collection practices, and there’s no telling how they’re using any of that information.


  1. This just happened to me. YouTube was idle in background (since yesterday afternoon) and the iOS window popped up in the middle of me playing a game. I said No!

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