YouTuber Shows off Unreleased, Modern Nokia N95 Reboot with Sliding Speaker Array


INTRO: Although modern smartphones became advanced and everyone, these new devices cannot bring the texture of smartphones of the previous decade. As a result, we’ve seen companies like Motorola bring back its iconic Moto Razr during a new, modern form factor and is already on its thanks to launching its second generation. Similarly, according to recent sightings in a YouTube video, Nokia has a prototype of a modern iteration of one of its most feature-packed devices, the Nokia N95.

Now, if you’re having trouble remembering the Nokia N95, let me jog your memory. The device came out a couple of months before Steve Jobs unveiled the primary iPhone and it had a form factor, which was before its time. It had a dual-way slide function which lets users slide the display board upwards or downwards.

Nokia N95 unreleased prototype ss

When slid upwards, users were able to access the traditional keypad underneath, and when slid downwards, a set of multimedia buttons appeared at the top edge of the device. This design was pretty amazing for its time and brought a lot of useful features on the plate.

A Classic in a New Package

So, according to a recent video from popular tech YouTuber, MrMobile, Nokia had plans to revive the N95 with a modern form factor, much like they did with the 3310. They even made a prototype for it. Although it is a non-functional device, the prototype shows the physical form factor of the phone in all its glory.

Now, from the front, it’s like all other modern smartphone with a slab-like design. However, there’s a hidden slide-function that permits the display board of the device to slightly slump horizontally. This reveals a skinny panel containing an array of speaker grills, a good and an ultra-wide-angle camera, and a flash. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack at the bottom, which is rare these days.

Nokia's unreleased modern N95 8

At the rear , it’s a fingerprint sensor and a circular Carl Zeiss camera module along side a nifty ring around it. Now, this ring around the camera module is actually for function rather than aesthetics. Users can pop this ring upwards to make a kickstand to prop the device on any flat surface.

Nokia's unreleased modern N95 3

An Ultimate Media-Consuming Device

So, the thought of the fashionable Nokia N95 was to deliver an immersive multimedia experience to users by combining the horizontal slide-down design and therefore the kickstand at the rear . This would have also enabled users to use the device for high-quality video calls and even as a smart alarm clock.
Nokia’s unreleased modern N95 1

Nokia's unreleased modern N95 1

Source: HMD | Via: MrMobile

However, HMD, the parent company of Nokia, decided to shelf the project for unknown reasons. But they sent the prototype device to Michael Fisher, the host of MrMobile, which he showcased in his latest throwback video about the Nokia N95. You can check out the entire 9-minute video below. The prototype device shows up at the 6-minute mark.

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