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yowhatsapp apk download

Download YoWhatsapp Apk :- WhatsApp is one of the best social media platform and it is completely free to use. This Social Media Platform is being widely used around the globe. As on now, statistics states there are more than 1 billion people are using this social media platforms. Whether it is a regional, local, international, national topic, they all get viral on WhatsApp. Using WhatsApp users can send photos, videos, files, location, GIFs, audio files, contacts and more. Even, its interface has a big contribution for its popularity. It is very user-friendly and simple to understand and use.

Have you ever heard about Mod apps? Mods apps are basically the modified version of the original application that provides more customization and awesome features. Even, the upcoming features on original app can be earlier find on its modded version. That’s why modded apps also gets high downloads and gain popularity as well. On the same way, there are tons of modded apps of WhatsApp are available.

Do You Really Need Modded WhatsApp Apk?

When you search on the internet about WhatsApp mod app download, you will be amazed with the list of modded WhatsApp app. One of the popular WhatsApp mod app is GBWhatsApp. Yeah! You heard about it before. Earlier GBWhatsApp was widely used but now, there are numerous WhatsApp mod apps are available with more amazing features. These modded WhatsApp apps stands as an extraordinary app that will boost WhatsApp experience with their customization and advanced options.

Similarly, YoWhatsApp app is trending nowadays. YoWhatsApp let users customize their app as they want. Moreover, you will get rid of default green colored UI of default WhatsApp as you will find Blue colored UI in YoWhatsApp. Below, we are going to provide a complete guide about YoWhatsApp and how easily and quickly you can download and install it on your Android device. We recommend all users to give complete reading on this guide to not miss any updates.

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What is YoWhatsApp?

yowhatsapp apk download

YoWhatsApp is a third party application that is a modified version of original WhatsApp app and the latest version of YoWhatsApp v7.90 is launched by Yousef Al-Basha. This app let you share your photos, videos, audio, location, files and more. We are briefly going to discuss the features of YoWhatsApp below:-

Features of New YoWhatsApp v7.90 Apk

1. Pin group description to chats.
2. Download home wallpaper with themes from YoThemes.
3. Fixed status saving button bug.
4. New emojis are added.
5. For Android 8.0+, language change support added.
6. Performance improved with YoThemes.
7. A confirmation message will pop-up while deleting recent Emojis.
8. Now, forward messages upto 100 chats.
9. Using Google Play Store, add custom stickers.
10. Supports Group Calls.
11. Feature added – only group admin can send messages.
12. Unseen message counter background changed.
13. Preview lock screen after selecting one.
14. Added call blocker option.
15. For Android 8.0+, added new white navigation.
16. Give users the ability to change name and color of group participants.
17. Added preview option while widget coloring.
18. Supports changing of text color of widget status, contact name, unread messages.
19. YoWhatsApp logo changed and new bubbles are added.
20. Send upto 10 photos at same time.
21. Now, hide second tick and blue tick.
22. New blue colored UI and new call icons.
23. In order to send HQ images just long press the camera button.
24. Use fingerprint lock to secure your chats.
25. New 6 Font styles are added.
26. WhatsApp status up to 250 words.
27. Includes all WhatsMapp feature.
28. Now, preview images and videos without downloading.
29. Change YoWhatsApp app’s icon.
30. Crash issues fixed.
31. Supports anti-delete feature that can be used to know the deleted features.
32. And much more.

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Prerequisites before Downloading and Installing YoWhatsApp v7.90

Well, some people think that a rooted Android device is required to use YoWhatsApp or any other WhatsApp mod app. But that’s not true. You don’t need to root your Android device. To make things transparent in mind, below we have mentioned some prerequisites before downloading and installing YoWhatsApp v7.90.

1. First of all, an Android device.
2. Uninstall official WhatsApp app if you have already installed.
3. A good working internet connection.
4. YoWhatsApp v7.90 apk.
5. Patience and happiness.

So, these were necessary things to be get done. Now, after completing all the prerequisites let’s move forward.

Download YoWhatsApp v7.90 Apk

Here, you can download YoWhatsApp v7.90. This app was last updated on 8th of March 2019. YoWhatsApp is compatible with android version v4.0 and above. This app is holding a size of 45.17 MB. Make sure to have good working internet connection to download the apk file.

Download YoWhatsApp v7.90 apk file for Android

Enable Unknown Sources : To install YoWhatsApp apk on your android device, you will need to Enable Unknown Sources option in your device’s Settings. Why we are saying this because YoWhatsApp apk is a third party apk and you are try to install it from third party medium.

To enable Unknown Sources option, Open Settings on your device. In settings, scroll down and click on Security option. Here, you will see a toggle of Unknown Sources. This toggle is saying like Allow installation from unknown sources. Simply enable it.

How to Install YoWhatsApp Apk v7.90 on Android

1. First of all, uninstall official WhatsApp apk from your Android device, if you have already installed.

2. Now, download YoWhatsApp apk from above link.

3. Let, the Download complete. Once it is done, click on the downloaded file.

4. Now, click on Install.

5. Let the installation complete.

6. Once, it is done. Open the YoWhatsApp app.

7. Now, enter your phone number.

8. Here, an OTP is sent to your number. Just put the same OTP in YoWhatsApp.

9. After verification done. Your YoWhatsApp is enabled.

10. Now, enjoy all the advanced features and awesome customization options of YoWhatsApp.

11. Voila! You have successfully downloaded and installed YoWhatsApp apk on your Android device.

Is it Safe to Install YoWhatsApp on my Android Device?

The answer is Yes. It is completely safe to install YoWhatsApp apk on your Android device. Even me and my friends are also using it. We found it the best WhatsApp mod that gives best of WhatsApp experience, and we never faced any issues while using YoWhatsApp.

Wrapping Up

Above, we have featured the easiest and quickest way to download and install YoWhatsApp v 7.60 on Android platform. Comment below if you face any problem while downloading or installing YoWhatsApp v7.90 on your Android device and don’t forget to mention below if you are aware of any other best WhatsApp mod which we should discuss here.

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