Zedge Alternatives: Apps Like Zedge For Free Ringtones, Themes & Wallpaper

Zedge Alternatives

Zedge Alternatives: Zedge is an excellent application to make your Android or iOS device more personalization with Ringtones and Wallpapers. This app is free for Android and iOS both users. You can use ringtones and wallpapers for free using Zedge application.

It has a fantastic search option where you can easily find your favorite wallpapers and ringtones easily. In Zedge, you can also download your favorite wallpapers and ringtone into your device. There are many categories available on Zedge so that you can find wallpapers and ringtones of your choice quickly. Also read Best Sites Like Craigslist.

It has incredible features like redesigned upload tools, high-quality wallpaper, Ultra-HD wallpapers, app widgets, and icons, etc. Another great thing about Zedge is, it does not require signup or login to download any ringtone or wallpaper. Below we listed 10 Best Zedge Alternatives Apps, which will make your smartphone more interesting.

zedge alternatives

List of 10 Best Zedge Alternatives

1. MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers


MTP Ringtones & Wallpapers has a very similar interface to Zedge. It is also free application to personalization application. It offers free ringtones, wallpapers, games, widgets, icons, and application to customize your device. It also has same search bar as like Zedge app.

2. Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD has high-quality HD wallpapers which you can save into your device. You can also see recent or latest wallpapers and ringtones in this app. It has more than 10 million downloads and users around the world. Backgrounds HD provides a unique and large collection of images for your device. It has different categories like an animal, cars, and buildings. There are two options “Feed and Shuffle”. In the shuffle, you will find all categories random wallpapers. FOr feed, you need to required login with Gmail or Facebook to view downloaded image, wallpapers or ringtones.

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3. Backdrops


Backdrops is another cool app where you can download thousands of amazing wallpapers. You can also upload your new photos by signup and even share your feedback about it. If your image has high-quality, then and only then the community will approve your photo to maintain the platform spam free. There are different categories like abstract, food, pattern, etc. Backdrops have batter search bar then Zedge, so this is one of the best similar apps to zedge.

4. Ringtones XL

Ringtones XL

RayJayFro develops Ringtones XL. It is very similar apps to zedge for Ringtones. You can download amazing ringtones here. Ringtones XL has different categories for ringtones like a funny, holiday, and classical, etc. It has different sounds effects which you can use for your ringtones. You can easily download any ringtone without signup and also can set as alarm, ringtone and notification tone. You can also create your ringtone and also can share on social media or with friends. Ringtones XL has a unique interface than zedge, so this is in our list. It is also regularly updated with new ringtones and sounds effects.

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5. Audiko


Audiko is a free android application which helps you to customize your Android device with beautiful sounds, ringtones, and wallpapers. You can also find cool sound effects from your favorite songs. You can also listen to songs without download. There are also fade in and fade-out options, so you can even hear natural sound. This app is also free as like Audiko.

6. Mobile9


So in 6th, we select Mobile9 app. It is developed by MedusaApps for Android, iOS, windows. Mobile9 is the best app to download themes, ringtones, wallpapers, fonts, etc. It has fantastic search option where you need to enter your phone or tablet name or model number. So it will show you all themes, ringtones, fonts, and wallpapers related to your device. You can also upload your images, ringtones but it’s not free. In premium subscription, you can upload files and also share with your friends.

7. CLauncher Themes, Wallpapers


CLauncher Themes, Wallpapers app is developed and published by CLauncher Team for Android and iOS. It is Zedge alternatives. It has a very clean user interface, so users can easily find cool ringtones and wallpapers. This app is minimum battery consuming app, and also it has unique UI. CLauncher has not only ringtones and wallpapers, but it also has many different widgets which can make your smartphone more personalize with great features. There are various subcategories in wallpaper, so you can easily find your favorite wallpapers and also a time-saving app. Like other apps, it does not require any signup or sign in to download any app. It is also free Zedge alternatives.

8. Cellsea


Cellsea is specially made for wallpapers and ringtones lovers. You can download HD wallpapers and also can customize it, that’s why it is in our list of best Zedge alternatives. It also has HD GIF wallpapers which you can download for free. You can also upload your photos, wallpapers, ringtones, games, etc. It has reach collection of ringtones, wallpapers, games, an application which you can download without any charges.

9. Wallo


Wallo is another excellent solution for wallpapers and ringtones. It is an alternative app to zedge. If you are using an old phone and want to give it a new look, then this app is specially made for you. You can download latest wallpapers and ringtones or sounds, which will give your smartphone new cool look. This app is daily updates with new stuff and wallpapers. You can download unlimited high-quality wallpapers in 4k without any signup or login requirements. Wallo also has a clean user interface, and it’s also free app as like zedge.

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10. CocoPPa


CocoPPa is amaizng mobile wallpaper application which you can use for download 4k wallpapers. It is also Zedge alternatives. It has 1.5 million unique icons, wallpapers and ringtones to make your smartphone more unique and interesting to use. This app is also full free.

Summing Up

So, these are the best apps like zedge to download wallpapers, ringtones, themes, etc. You can give your smartphone cool look and make more interesting with these apps. If you think, we missed any good apps which are similar to zedge, then comment below. We will added it into our list. Subscribe Us for more alternative apps.

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