Zomato Introduces ‘Contactless Dining’ for Restaurants


After contactless delivery, Zomato is introducing contactless dining to fight coronavirus pandemic. Zomato Introduces Contactless Dining Restaurants. The food tech-unicorn has introduced its consumers to contactless dining at restaurants.

Zomato Introduces Contactless Dining Restaurants – Why This Step Is Taken:

Zomato has launched contactless dining at a restaurant to increase the trust and confidence of customers of their safety and hygiene.

Contactless dining will have three main components, contactless menu, contactless ordering, and contactless payment, Zomato said.

Zomato Introduces Contactless Dining Restaurants

With a contactless menu, diners are able to scan a QR code on the table to explore the restaurant menu with dish and pairing recommendations.

The Zomato app will enable contactless ordering and payment.

“This eliminates the need for menu cards and bill books, two articles that are often touched by guests, and are typically unsanitized and could potentially be a source of concern,” Gaurav Gupta, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Zomato wrote in a blog post.

“So far, the waiting staff will still need to bring you your food from the kitchen, but as long as the waiting staff is wearing a mask, and following the highest hand hygiene standards, we should all be okay,” he said.


Zomato said it’s building additional features on the app — like the power to order multiple courses, and also the choice to buy self or the whole table — to make sure a hassle-free dining experience.

Zomato Introduces Contactless Dining Restaurants

Zomato believes that contactless dining will provide for a more robust and hassle-free dining experience for patrons, and also improve the economics of the restaurant industry — by helping bring down manpower costs, furthermore as reducing the table turnover time.

The food tech company is adding safety features on the app wherein restaurants are ready to self-report safety and hygiene measures that they undertake, like how frequently they sanitize high touchpoints like tables/door handles, etc., and whether or not they arrange tables a minimum of one meter but one another.

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