‘Zoom Is Malware’: Why Zoom Has So Many Security Issues

Zoom Security Issues Concerns

Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing app nowadays. Zoom Security Issues Concerns.

In the previous month Zoom’s download grew 53%. This caused in daily traffic congestion in their zoom.us official site. According to Sensor Tower, a mobile research firm reports that Zoom is the number one downloaded app on platforms like iOS.

Zoom Usage:

Zoom is one of the most famous video conferencing app, whether it be iOS or Android or desktops. Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lockdown of 21-days causing availing employees to work from home. Zoom is the best option to host official group meetings or stand-ups. Not only that, but this lockdown has also created boredom among every individual.

Expert’s Opinion:

Security researcher and Experts have said Zoom is “a privacy disaster” and “corrupt”.

On Monday, the attorney general of New York had sent a letter to the company asking what measures they had taken to address security concerns.

Zoom Security Issues Concerns

Zoom Security Issues Concerns: Whats’s Wrong With Zoom

Zoom Bombing:

Everyone can bomb into the Zoom meeting if they know the number of members in the meeting. They can even share annoying and disapproving files in the group. The host can kick out these bombers but they can come right back with a new user ID.

Password Stealing:

Zooms’s meetings have a side chat option where users can chat. If a malicious zoom bomber sends a UNC path and if the receiver clicks on the link it would try out to reach the hacker’s remote server. The hacker could capture the password “hash” and decrypt it, giving him access to the Zoom user’s Windows account.

Zoom Security Issues Concerns

iOS Profile Sharing:

Zoom used to share iOS user’s profiles as a part of Login With Facebook feature in iOS and iPad. After the news got exposed, officials of Zoom they weren’t aware of the profile sharing procedure earlier.

Sharing Personal Data With Advertisers:

Some privacy experts pored over Zoom’s privacy policy stating that they had leaked personal information of users and also had shared it with third party marketers.

However, there were also some privacy concerns that the company has fixed, looking for these issues to be solved also.

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